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  • Because failure is not an option
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New products in stock

Ideal for summer shooting, our new WYLE-X sports glasses have interchangeable coloured lenses. They're hi-impact shatterproof, so you'll focus clearly and safely no matter what the Bristish weather throws at you.


Samson products.

Samson DMR one-piece quick release scope mounts with 0, 2 and 3" forward offset. Ideal for tactical scopes with long eye relief on short-action rails.

Samson AR15 key-mod handguards and accessories. Adapt and customise your rifle to suit your operational needs with add-on picatinny rails, grips, sling loops and sights.

Samson flip-up sight packs for same-height rails and gas blocks

Samson flip-to-side mounts for PVS14 aim point and magnifier. Quickly interchange your PVS14 for your aim point for day/night shooting.


Contact Us  - Why not talk to Defence Mechanisms' own Holland and Holland trained gunsmith about tailoring our products to exactly what you need?